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Save situational tasks for the next day



  • Mislav

    Yup, yup. This would be great!

    Sometimes in a day I work on many smaller things that I forget until tomorrow (even more evident for Friday-Monday switch).

    A simple command like

    `/buffer <small task>`
    `/done <small task>`

    that will save those <small task>s and then tomorrow return all the messages in "buffer" when I get the daily questions.

    The idea of `/buffer <small task>` would work for me for those things that are unexpected and have prevented me from doing planned tasks - tasks that I'd write in the "What are you planning to work on today?" question. Be it some bug that needed to be fixed right away or an outage.

  • Tomaz

    Agreed, the ability to incrementally build the answer to the next day's "What did you complete in your previous work day?" question would be quite useful.


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